Where did the story come from?

The story came from Dr Phil Edwards and Ian Roberts at the department of epidemiology and population health at the London school of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 


What Scientific study was this? 

 The scientific study used was a hypothetical modeling that estimated how the increase in body mass index might effort the greenhouse gas emissions. They estimated that 1 billion adults are overweight and 300 million are obese and it was assumed that the increase in the population of BMI and food consumption was a contributor to global warming. They compared a normal population and an over weight population .

Results of the study?

 The results were from to estimations of co2 emission from three groups such as energy requirements for body mass,emission due to food production and emission used due to vehicle usage.



 In conclusion the study conducted by Dr phil Edwards and Ian Roberts has missed out other factors that are contributors to global warming. Also that have just assumed that fat people eat a large amount of food and have missed out other factors that may be contributing to their weight such as diabetes or other illnesses. There results wasnt basic on precise information as they had estimated the amount of people they thought were overweight.